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High-Precision 3D Scanning powered by your Smartphone

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3D Scanning shouldn't be complicated.


Set it up in 60 seconds. Download the free Eora 3D app (iOS and Android).

Start scanning.

It's that simple.

Capture objects or surfaces.


A typical scan takes just 5 minutes and generates up to 8 million points.

Export models as .ply, .obj or .stl

CAD Modeling


Model faster in CAD. Digitize physical prototypes. Start new designs from existing objects or surfaces.

Inspect parts against their specifications.

3D Printing


Get to 3D Printing faster. Send captured physical objects or surfaces to your 3D Printer.

Create digital models of everyday objects. Could be a vintage toy, or a family heirloom.

A high-precision 3D Scanner that can capture and convert the physical world into high-definition 3D meshes all on your Smartphone.